Trump Begs Pennsylvania Republicans To Join His Coup And Overturn The Election

During a sham “hearing” run by Pennsylvania Republicans, Donald Trump asked state legislatures to overturn the election.


Trump said, “The things I’m listening to right now, and you’re just covering a few of them. We have hundreds and hundreds of affidavits of stories that are even worse than the stories I’m hearing. Why wouldn’t they overturn an election? Certainly, overturn it in your state, because we have other states that are just as bad. You look at Michigan with Detroit. You look at the things that happened in Detroit.”

On Tuesday, Michigan Republicans confirmed that Trump tried to get them to overturn the election, and in Pennsylvania, the country heard it out of Trump’s own mouth. Donald Trump wants to overturn an election that he lost by at least 7 million votes. He is asking state legislatures to do his dirty work, and he will never understand why Republicans are choosing to follow the law and not keeping him in power.

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