Trump Is Now Actively Discouraging Republicans From Voting In Georgia Senate Runoff


Trump told reporters that the system in Georgia is fraudulent and actively discouraged his supporters from voting in the state’s Senate runoff.



Trump was asked, “If you don’t think the presidential election was legitimate if you think that it was stolen, what confidence do you expect voters to have when they go to the polls to vote for say Kelly Loeffler or Purdue?”

Trump gave the one answer that Republicans fear the most, “Well, I told him today I think you’re dealing with a very fraudulent system. I’m very worried about that. They are tremendous people. Kelly Loeffler, David Perdue are tremendous people. They should be in the senate, but I told him today, I said listen, you have a fraudulent system. You have a system where the flick of a switch or the putting in of a new chip can change the course of history. And you have to be very careful. I read this morning where Stacey Abrams has 850,000 ballots accumulated. That’s called harvesting. You’re not allowed to harvest, but I understand the secretary of state who was really — he’s an enemy of the people. The secretary of state and whether he’s a Republican are not.”

The reason why Republicans at the top of Georgia’s political leadership have been standing behind Joe Biden’s win is that they don’t like Republicans to believe the false fraud claims that the president is making and not show up to vote in the Senate runoff election.

Trump attacked mail-in voting and discouraged his supporters from voting by mail. Those attacks may have cost him the election. He is now telling his supporters not to show up and vote in two Senate runoff elections that look to be very close.

Donald Trump is so bitter about his loss and wrapped up in bogus election fraud conspiracies that he may end up handing the Senate to Joe Biden and the Democrats in January.

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