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Former Trump Campaign Chief Brad Parscale Will Be Interviewed On Fox News Next Week. Will He Be Spilling the Beans on Team Trump?

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It’s been a pretty wild year for Brad Parscale. He originally came onto the political scene by taking care of Donald Trump’s digital campaign in 2016. He impressed the president so much that he was made the 2020 campaign manager.

Back in the spring, Parscale said that he was about to unleash the “Death Star” on the Democrats. But after Trump’s disastrous campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After setting up for an overflow crowd outside the event, only around 6,000 people showed up.


Parscale was soon demoted after the event. Later on in the year, Parscale was arrested by police in Florida after a domestic violence incident and apparent threats of committing suicide.

Following that event, Parscale disappeared saying that he was suffering from “overwhelming stress.” The former campaign chief, though, will be back in the public eye next week.

Parscale tweeted today, “Happy Friday. Going on Fox News next week for a 30 minute special with Martha MacCallum. Will be my first time on TV since June. So much to finally say!”


This might not be the best news for the Trump campaign. Back in October, Gabriel Sherman reported that some in the White House were worried Parscale would talk about campaign finance violations.

“According to the source close to the campaign,” the Vanity Fair writer wrote, “the Trump family is worried that Parscale could turn on them and cooperate with law enforcement about possible campaign finance violations. ‘The family is worried Brad will start talking.'”



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