Trump Spent Nearly $23,000 Per Extra Biden Vote In His Wisconsin Recount


In another sign of just how bad Donald Trump is at managing money, the outgoing president’s campaign spent $3 million on a recount that actually helped Joe Biden expand his lead in Wisconsin.

According to TMJ 4 Milwaukee, there was no fraud uncovered in the recount and Biden’s lead over Trump actually grew by 132 votes.

For those keeping score at home, that translates to about $23,000 that Trump’s campaign paid for each extra vote that went into Biden’s column.


That number could fluctuate as Dane County, Wisconsin, which houses Madison, is also holding a recount that is expected to be completed on Sunday.

Trump is spending millions of dollars to lose Wisconsin again

Spending $3 million on a recount that has no chance of overturning the results – and has even added to Joe Biden’s total vote count –  is pretty on-brand for Donald Trump.

After all, his business career is filled with failed ventures, from Trump Airlines to Trump Vodka to Trump Steak. In fact, if Trump’s name was on it, chances are the end result was a humiliating and sometimes hilarious failure.

His presidential campaign has been no exception as Trump and his band of cartoon characters posing as lawyers have been laughed out of just about every court room they walked into.

Donald Trump is spending millions of his supporters’ dollars to force recounts and file frivolous lawsuits that have no chance of overturning Joe Biden’s decisive victory. The sole purpose of Trump’s effort is to avoid having to take any personal responsibility for yet another failure.

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