Trump Uses Data From Wrong Election To Claim Massive Voter Fraud In Pennsylvania

A Republican state legislator in Pennsylvania used figures from the wrong election to claim widespread voter fraud in the state – and Donald Trump took to Twitter early Saturday morning to cite that data.

In a tweet, Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano used numbers from the primary to suggest that over a million votes were pulled from thin air in the general election.

As Derek Willis noted on Twitter, it’s “astounding” that a state official in Pennsylvania would brazenly use data from the wrong election as a basis to overturn the results, but this is where the current Republican Party is.

Donald Trump – a man who insists on creating an alternate universe in which his supporters can live – cited Sen. Mastriano’s data in a tweet of his own.

It got even worse on Saturday as Mastriano suggested that “mounting evidence” shows that the presidential election in Pennsylvania was stolen and that the state legislature should select delegates to the Electoral College that will overturn Biden’s win.

As lawsuits and recounts fail, Trump is hoping state officials will overturn results

As Donald Trump and his clown car of lawyers gets laughed out of court rooms all across the country – and as recounts in multiple states do nothing to alter the outcome – the outgoing president is hoping state officials will overturn the results for him.

It’s why he took to Twitter on Saturday to praise “the brave men and women in state houses” who are humoring his attempt to overturn the results of an election that Joe Biden clearly won.

Fortunately, these efforts are likely to fail, as Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA) said on Saturday.

“President will fail in overturning any of these Electoral College challenges,” Rep. Dean said.

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