Trump Is Fading Away As He Has Lost Twitter Followers For 12 Straight Days

Trump’s refusal to concede has caused him to lose Twitter followers for 12 straight days as Biden has gained over a million followers.

Here is the overall drop since November 17 in Trump’s Twitter followers:

The numbers from FactBase show that Trump has lost anywhere between over 800 and over 20,000 followers a day over the past 12 days.

As Trump has gotten crazier with the conspiracy theories, some of his Twitter followers have started to head for the exits. Hundreds of thousands of Twitter users are tired of reading Trump’s rants about election fraud conspiracies that do not exist.

Twitter has always been the benchmark that Trump used to measure his reach, so while it is not the most important thing, it does serve as a metric to illustrate Trump’s influence on the national discussion is beginning to decline.

For as long as he remains corrupt and in power, Trump needs to be monitored, but his declining Twitter following suggests that people are drifting away.

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Twqtter flags Trump tweet for violating election integrity rules
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