Rudy Giuliani Fake Arizona Election Fraud Hearing Backfires As Biden Win Certified


The lack of strategy and terrible timing of Trump’s legal team was on full display as Rudy Giuliani held an Arizona fraud hearing as Biden officially won the state.

Video of the hearing:


The hearing was deemed so non-newsworthy that Fox News gave it less than two minutes of a summary report with no live coverage of Giuliani or the Trump campaign speaking.

Here is who showed up to cover this fake event:

The “hearing” itself was nothing more than a repeat of various conspiracy theories that are trying to delegitimize voting. There was talk of the Dominion voting machine conspiracy. Ominous sounding witnesses saying that voting isn’t safe.

As usual, there was evidence presented to support these conspiracy theories, and there were no actual expert witnesses on election integrity because no professional will go within a thousand miles of Giuliani and his conspiracy theories.

Trump’s legal challenges have epically faceplanted. He has no options left for remaining in power. The efforts to delegitimize the election have been rebuffed by local and state officials.

This is how it ends for Trump and Giuliani, with fake hearings, no evidence, and states continuing to certify their results for Joe Biden.
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