Trump Demands Gov. Brian Kemp Use Emergency Powers To Overturn GA Election

Trump is now demanding that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp do the impossible and use his emergency powers to overturn the election.

Trump tweeted:

The envelope checking has been explained to Trump over and over again. Signatures are checked in Georgia when a voter requests an absentee ballot. By state law, signatures aren’t checked after ballots are received. If a person is not a valid voter, they are weeded out before they get a ballot. Thus, there is no fraud in terms of signatures.

Trump can’t comprehend why anyone would follow the law. Gov. Brian Kemp can’t use his emergency powers to invalidate an election. Kemp, or any other governor, doesn’t have the power to overturn an election. Every state has a law and a process for determining an election winner. States can’t throw out results because the incumbent president lost and needs to stay in power to avoid criminal indictment.

Donald Trump must be paid attention to because tweets such as this one reveal that until Joe Biden takes office, the current president will remain a danger and a threat to democracy.

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