Trump May Preemptively Pardon Ivanka, Don Jr., And Eric Trump

Trump is being pushed to preemptively pardon his entire family, including his adult children, before leaving office next month.

According to ABC News, “One idea that has been floated among Trump allies is the possibility of preemptive pardons for members of the Trump family and close allies of the president…It’s not clear how this kind of preemptive pardon would work, given that no member of the Trump family has been accused of a federal crime. However, sources pushing for this action say the argument is an “insurance policy” against concerns that the incoming Biden administration could undertake politically motivated investigations.

Biden isn’t going to undertake politically motivated investigations. He isn’t Trump. The pretense of preemptive pardons being an insurance policy is a facade. The real reason why Trump is being pushed to pardon himself, his associates, and his family is that the four-year crime wave that the Trump circle has been engaged in could soon be exposed, and they are worried about being federally charged.

The only thing holding Trump back from issuing these pardons is that he doesn’t want to admit guilt or look guilty. If Trump could pardon himself and his family without an admission of guilt, he would have done it by now.

The fact that the Trump circle is discussing preemptive pardons on their way out the door suggests Trump and his kids are right to fear going to jail.

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