WATCH: Senator Sherrod Brown Shames Steve Mnuchin Right To His Face


While most of the Mid-West swung back to Joe Biden this election season, the state of Ohio stayed red. That make Sherrod Brown’s 7% victory in his 2018 senate race all the more remarkable.

The Ohio Democrat has remained in office the last 13 years largely due to the way he appeals to and protects the state’s workers. And as was on display during a mask-wearing tiff just weeks ago, Brown isn’t afraid to pick a fight.

Today, Brown chose to pick a fight with Donald Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Despite months of negotiations, Mnuchin has not been able to broker a stimulus deal.

And on Tuesday Brown took Mnuchin to task for his failures. The Ohio senator began, “Last week, 778,000 people filed for unemployment insurance. In October, 3.4 million homeowners were past due when their mortgages, many of them will run out of forbearance options by April. As many as 40 million renters will spend the holidays worrying that they will be evicted on January 1st if their government, if we don’t do our job.”


Then taking aim directly at Mnuchin, the senator continued:

“You’re leaving the country worse off than you found it. Rather than using your final months in office to work for the people who you have sworn to serve, you appear to be trying to sabotage our economy on the way out the door. After the election, to cancel the Federal Reserve lending programs and taking away critical tools to invest in the communities and small businesses that make this country work, there is no legitimate justification for it!”

Watch a video of the take-down below: