People In New York Are Wondering If Ivanka Trump Could Go To Jail

The criminal fraud investigation into the Trump Organization has New Yorkers wondering if Ivanka Trump could go to jail.

Via: The Washington Post:

There are currently two New York state fraud investigations into President Trump and his businesses, which have expanded to investigate consulting fees that may have been paid to his daughter, as reported by the New York Times. Ivanka Trump is not the focus of the investigations.

“That’s the type of thing swaying people. … People have been wondering, ‘Do you really think they can go to jail?’ Suddenly there’s a criminal taint,” the person added. “It’s so much more than the Met Gala and there’s so much more at stake.”

The Trump kids want to stay involved are and trying to run the Republican Party. There is expected to be a power struggle between Don Jr. and Ivanka Trump over who will be the next family member to run for president, but the bigger looming question relates to the criminal fraud investigation of the Trump Organization where Ivanka Trump serves as her father’s right hand.

Any criminal indictment of the Trump Organization and its officials will be an indictment of Ivanka Trump, who will carry the damage and the stain of the criminal matter even if she is not the focus of the investigation.

If investigators do look at Ivanka Trump, the odds are good that they could find a ton of skeletons in those closets.

Given the seriousness of the criminal probe and future investigations that might follow, it is easy to see why the White House is discussing preemptive pardons.

Ivanka Trump could end up a convicted felon or in jail.

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