Trump Is Threatening To Veto The NDAA Because Twitter Fact Checks Him


Kayleigh McEnany told reporters that Trump is threatening to veto the NDAA because he is upset about Twitter fact checks.



McEnany said during the White House press briefing, “One thing I will say when you look at 2:30 can do is to explain for the American public exactly what that is, it’s essentially a shield that is given to social media networks because they claim to be the public square. In the case of Twitter, Twitter has become a publisher, choosing to fact-check certain content. When you are a publisher there are certain responsibilities with that. You should not be immune from liability.”

Trump is threatening to defund the national defense because Twitter won’t give him an unchallenged platform to push lies about election fraud. The White House is blaming Twitter for Trump’s inability to delegitimize Joe Biden’s victory.

Donald Trump has always been willing to jeopardize national defense and national security for his own selfish ends, but if Senate Republicans go along with this, they will be sabotaging themselves in the Georgia Senate runoff elections to fight a battle that they will never win.

Trump has taken the troops hostage because Twitter called out his lies.

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