Biden Says $900 Billion Bipartisan Pandemic Relief Package Is Not Enough


President-Elect Biden said the $900 bipartisan pandemic relief package is not enough and just the start of what is needed.

Biden said in a statement provided to PolitcusUSA:

The situation requires urgent action. Americans need help, and they need it now. I am encouraged by the bipartisan efforts in the Senate around a $900 billion relief package. In the weeks since the election ended, there were questions about whether Democrats and Republicans could work together. Right now, they are showing they can. Congress and President Trump must get a deal done for the American people.

But any package passed in the lame-duck session is not enough. It’s just the start.


Congress will need to act again in January. As we inherit this economic crisis, Vice President-elect Harris and I are working on the plan we will put forward for the next Congress to move fast and control the pandemic, revive the economy, and build back better than before. And, we hope to see the same kind of spirit of bipartisan cooperation as we are seeing today.

Democrats will take the $900 billion now and view it as a bridge to get American through until Joe Biden takes office.

A Biden presidency combined with Democrats picking up two Senate seats in Georgia would mean that the $2.4 trillion HEROES Act could be passed, and the American people could finally get the relief that they need.

Biden was sending a message to Republicans that they can either be part of the solution or a speedbump.

Joe Biden isn’t going to settle for $900 billion. He has got his eyes on a bigger and comprehensive plan to help America economically recover from the pandemic.

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