Jim Jordan Goes Off The Deep End While Demanding Election Investigation

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said that since 50 million Americans incorrectly believe the election was stolen, he wants to investigate conspiracy theories.

Jordan tweeted:

Jordan’s tortured thought process is that since so many Americans believe Trump’s lies about the election being stolen, Congress should validate the lies by launching an election integrity investigation.

Rep. Jordan’s tweet is an example of how elected Republicans cater to the mass of crazy within the Republican Party. Instead of showing leadership and debunking the false election fraud claims, Jordan is looking to cash in on them.

Even Attorney General William Barr has announced that there was no election fraud,, but people like Jim Jordan are riding the wave of conspiracy theories and hoping to cash in. Republicans are no longer about the truth or reality. They are a political Ponzi Scheme where the people at the top are telling the people at the bottom whatever they want to hear to keep the votes and money flowing. e

Congressional Republicans have been abusing their investigative and oversight powers for years to push and validate conspiracy theories.

The role of an elected leader should be to debunk conspiracies instead of throwing gasoline on the fire for their own benefit.

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