Rudy Giuliani Admits That His Coup To Overturn The Election Has Failed


Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani appeared to admit defeat by blasting state legislatures for refusing to overturn the election.

Giuliani tweeted:

Rudy Giuliani is ashamed of Republicans in state legislatures for following the law and not staging a coup to keep Donald Trump in the White House. It was 20 years ago that Giuliani was viewed as a law and order mayor. Now, he is complaining because Republicans are refusing to break the law for Donald Trump.


Republican-controlled state legislatures in both Michigan and Pennsylvania quickly refused to violate state law by appointing pro-Trump electors to the Electoral College. Top elected officials in Georgia have been loudly and publicly defending the integrity of their elections from Trump’s attacks.

Giuliani and Trump tried to destroy the electoral system in the United States of America. Their actions have bordered on being a crime against the nation, but the good news is that the system work, even when confronted with the most corrupt and authoritarian leaning president in history, the system did not break.

Donald Trump will be leaving the White House as Rudy Giuliani could be heading to prison.
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