Fox News Called Traitors By Trump Supporters At Georgia Rally

Trump’s toxicity has turned on Fox News as supporters at his Georgia rally called the network traitors.


Trump took Fox News’s misinformation and used it against them to convince their own viewers that they have betrayed Donald Trump. Fox’s “big sin” according to Trump and his supporters was that they were the first network to correctly call Arizona for Joe Biden.

The backlash is the video is why Fox News is running delusional segments like this:

Fox is having guests on who are pretending that the courts are going to rescue Donald Trump. These are the same courts that have struck down over 40 of Trump’s election challenges.

Trump spent four years labeling the press as the enemy of the people, and it seems that the label has finally stuck with Trump supporters in a very unlikely place.

Donald Trump’s supporters have turned on Fox News and blamed the network that has acted as state media for the president for his reelection defeat.

Fox News got in bed with Trump, and now they are paying the price.

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Trump supporters call Fox News traitors
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