Trump Melts Down And Whines That Republicans Are Afraid Of Stacey Abrams

At his rally in Georgia, Trump melted down into election conspiracy theories and claimed that Republicans are afraid of Stacey Abrams.


Trump said, “I don’t run the elections. I don’t run to see if people are walking in suitcases and putting them under a table with a black robe around. I don’t do that. That’s up to your government here. And for whatever reason, your secretary of state and your governor are afraid of Stacey Abrams they’re afraid of her. So we know that Democrats are planning to cheat and we can’t let them do it again.”

Trump thinks that Republicans in the state aren’t defending the election results because they fear Stacey Abrams. There is no level of Trump’s mind that can admit and accept that he lost a free and fair election.

Republicans are defending the election results because they fear Stacey Abrams. They are defending the results because if members of their party believe that elections aren’t legitimate, they won’t show up to vote and that will mean that the GOP will be voted out of power.

Trump has a million conspiracy theories and excuses, but what he doesn’t have is a compelling reason for his supporters to vote in the Senate runoff elections.

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