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Trump Wants To Pardon Ivanka And Jared After They Raked In Huge Profits Under His Presidency

Donald Trump is considering preemptively pardoning his adult children, including Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner, at a time when they have profited massively from his presidency.

As MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross pointed out on Saturday, there could be a connection between Trump’s pardons and the amount of money Ivanka and Jared took in over the past four years.

“The first year that Donald Trump was in office, Jared and Ivanka Kushner made over $80 million while they were in office,” Cross said. “The second year that inflated to $135 million.”

“Why might he be trying to pre-pardon his children in his last few days in office?” she asked. “I’m really curious how this will all play out.”


Cross said:

I do just want to remind the audience that the first year that Donald Trump was in office Jared and Ivanka Kushner made over $80 million while they were in office. The second year that inflated to $135 million. Why might he be trying to pre-pardon his children in his last few days in office? And I’m really curious how this will all play out. Jason, you know being raised in households like we were, we were raised to distrust the system. Everyone around me keeps saying the system is going to work. He’s going to leave. These people are the human embodiment of why we are so distrustful of a system that has routinely and historically and consistently harmed us. And so now we see the results of centuries of white supremacy that have elevated this very below average, basic unintelligent man to the highest office in the land as his first job in government being president of the United States and here we are in the grips of a global pandemic that disproportionately harms black and brown folks, and an increasingly problematic economy while these bread lines are getting longer. And I should point out that he’s also rushing through executions, federal executions, at this point in his presidency. So I am terrified of what’s to come. But I do anticipate that the war is not over. There are still battles to be fought as he is the outgoing president and I hope that he eventually accepts that.

It will take years to drain the Trump swamp

In 2016, Donald Trump promised that if voters made him president, he would drain the swamp of corruption in Washington D.C.

Over the past four years – and particularly on his way out the door – Trump has filled that swamp up to the brim.

In the latest scandal, the Department of Justice is investigating whether money was funneled to the White House as part of a pay-for-pardon scheme.

While the country has seen the outgoing president and his cronies – including his children – abuse their offices repeatedly in plain view over the past four years, it will likely take years to fully drain the swamp of corruption that Donald Trump has created.

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