Chris Krebs Busts Trump For Waging A Coordinated Disinformation Campaign Against US Elections

The former head of US cybersecurity, Chris Krebs, said that Trump is waging a coordinated disinformation campaign against US elections.

Video of Krebs on CBS’s Face The Nation:

Krebs was asked on Face The Nation why Trump is waging a disinformation campaign against the US election system, and he answered, ” I don’t know if it is intentional or willful blindness, but the result of the 2020 election is clear. The key states have certified over the last several days, they will continue to certify in the run-up to the seating of the electoral college on December 14th. But, this race is over. We have to get ready for January 20th and the next administration.”

Here is the Krebs tweet that was referred to in the Face The Nation interview:

Trump appears to believe that he can invalidate the election result if he can convince enough Americans that the election was rigged. Trump is engaging in an active disinformation campaign against the US election, and the results could be disastrous for the Republican Party if a few thousand Republicans stay home and don’t vote in the Georgia Senate runoff elections.

Every single Republican that is standing with Trump is engaging in a disinformation campaign that is a crime against the democratic electoral process.

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