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Biden Announces Key Members of Health Team Who Will Address Covid-19 Pandemic Once He Takes Office

President-elect Joe Biden has announced who will join his administration as key members of the health team tasked with addressing the Covid-19 pandemic, which has claimed the lives of more than 280,000 Americans to date. The individuals joining the upcoming administration include Xavier Becerra, the Attorney General of California, who has a history of championing…

Trump discourages Republicans from voting in Georgia runoff

Trump Lashes Out at GA Governor Kemp After He Refuses to Call a Special Session to Overturn Election Results

President Donald Trump lashed out Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) for informing lawmakers that he will not call a special session to overturn election results despite Trump’s insistence that he appoint Republican electors who would support him despite having lost the state. “The Republican Governor of Georgia refuses to do signature verification, which would give…

Trump nearly in tears during speech

Judge Tosses Out GOP’s Attempts to Overturn Election Results in Michigan

A federal judge has tossed out a lawsuit seeking to overturn the election results in the state of Michigan. The lawsuit was brought by President Donald Trump’s electors in the state, who have continued to claim that the November 3 election was fraudulent, a claim rejected by United States security agencies and international observers. Judge…


Newt Gingrich Falsely Accuses Stacey Abrams of “Stealing” Georgia Election

When President-elect Joe Biden won the state of Georgia, he became the first Democratic presidential candidate to carry the state since 1992. That achievement was in large part due to the efforts of former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, whose organization, Fair Fight, helped register a slew of new voters in the state. The Georgia…

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