Ivanka Trump Suggests Putting Her Dad On Mount Rushmore


Ivanka Trump shared a picture from Mount Rushmore that appeared to show her father’s head on the legendary sculpture.

Ivanka Trump shared this picture:


Trump has done nothing to deserve a place on Mount Rushmore. Republicans have gotten nowhere over the past few decades with trying to get the much more accomplished Ronald Reagan added. FDR isn’t on Mount Rushmore, and he is the most transformative president of the last 100 years.

Donald Trump’s lasting accomplishment will be neglecting a pandemic that could end up killing 500,000 Americans. Trump will leave a legacy behind of failure, division, and death. Every other president of the last 40 years has more of a case to be on Mount Rushmore than Trump.

Trump is not a hero who deserves to be honored in statue and sculpture. He is a cautionary tale that should be told for generations to come so that the country may never have another president that follows in his footsteps.

Trump worship is a fringe cult that is out of touch with reality and the rest of society.

Ivanka Trump and her daddy are more likely to end up in the prison system than ever see their faces on a national landmark like Mount Rushmore.

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