Sean Hannity Says America is Going to Miss Trump’s Tweets When He’s Out of Office

There are a number of different ways for an American president to speak to the public. Of course, they can hold press conferences or just answer questions from reporters while going on with their regular businesses.

Traditionally, Press Secretaries act as representatives for the Commander in Chief and answer questions directly from the White House press corps. Donald Trump has had Press Secretaries who regularly answered questions like Sarah Sanders and Kayleigh McEneny. He also employed Stephanie Grisham who never held one briefing in the 9 months she held the position.

Of course, Donald Trump’s favorite way to communicate with the public is through his Twitter feed. And why wouldn’t he. Since he’s the president, the website allows him to lie, bully and spread misinformation at will.

Unlike Trump, successor Joe Biden is unlikely to communicate much through Twitter and will likely prefer more traditional bills. Fox host Sean Hannity argued on Monday that we’re going to miss those Trump tweets.

Hannity said on his Monday radio broadcast:

“Look at how many Republicans ran from Trump the whole 4 years. ‘Oh, he’s controversial. Oh, he, you know, he — he speaks his mind. Oh, he tweets.’ Well, I think America’s gonna have buyers regret pretty quick missing the tweets that so greatly offended them. They weren’t offended by it, it was feigned outrage.”

Trump’s Twitter account will likely look quite different in a couple of months. He will no longer enjoy the protected status he receives as president. And it wouldn’t be a massive surprise if Twitter bans his account altogether.