COVID-Stricken Rudy Giuliani Says We Shouldn’t “Overdo It” With Masks

There are few people who are more loyal members of Team Trump than Rudy Giuliani. And during 2020, members of Team Trump have proven their loyalty by eschewing both masks and any kind of COVID-19 protection.

While fighting to overturn the 2020 election results, Giuliani has made a point of not wearing a face covering. A recent video showed him badgering a court witness to take off her mask so that he can hear her better.

Not surprisingly, the former New York City mayor has contracted COVID (as has his protege, lawyer Jenna Ellis). While Chris Christie was chastened by contracting the illness, the same can’t be said of Giuliani.

The Trump lawyer made the comments while calling into his own WABC radio show on Tuesday. “I think you can overdo the mask,” he claimed. “You can overdo almost anything. Everything done in moderation makes much more sense.”

Giuliani continued by taking a shot at president-elect Joe Biden. “You don’t screw around your whole life because of an illness,” he said. “We face risk! I’d rather face risk than live in a basement all my life.”

The man who was once called America’s Mayor closed his comments, “This is a curable disease at this point. This is in the category now of a curable disease. The mortality rates are nothing like they were five or six months ago.”

Giuliani is currently receiving a cocktail of drugs similar to the one given to Donald Trump when he was suffering from the illness. This regimen, of course, is not being given to the tens of thousands of Americans suffering from COVID-19.

A total of 284,000 Americans have now died of the coronavirus.