Report: Andrew Yang Looking to Run For Mayor of New York City


The 2020 Democratic primary introduced a number of voters to candidates they may not have known before. Pete Buttigieg went from being an Indiana mayor to an essential surrogate for Joe  Biden. Marianne Williamson went viral, but not necessarily for the best reasons.

And Andrew Yang, an entrepreneur from New York, gained a lot of support with his tech friendly nature and innovative financial ideas. While Yang has never held public office, he is hoping to change that soon.

According to Politico, the businessman could be looking to throw his hat in the New York City Mayoral Race. A source told the website, “It sounds like Andrew Yang is running for mayor and seems excited about his path to win.”

Politico also reports, “Bradley Tusk and Chris Coffey of Tusk Strategies have also been calling elected officials and other New Yorkers to assess support for a Yang candidacy.”


New York City is one of the most liberal areas in the country. Despite that fact, Democratic Mayor Bill Di Blasio is not particularly popular. In an April Quinnipiac poll, Di Blasio only held a 42% approval rating. This is a remarkable number considering he garnered 67% of the vote in his 2017 race.

Yang won’t be alone in trying to take out Di Blasio. Former City Hall attorney Maya Wiley has already announced her bid. She frequently makes appearances on MSNBC and has a national profile.

Max Rose, who won a congressional seat in ruby red Staten Island in 2018, is also said to be feeling out a potential run.