Trump Tries To Recruit The Pennsylvania Speaker Of The House For Illegal Coup

Trump has personally reached out to the Pennsylvania House Speaker to try to get him to illegally overturn Joe Biden’s win.

The Washington Post reported:

The calls, confirmed by House Speaker Bryan Cutler’s office, make Pennsylvania the third state where Trump has directly attempted to overturn a result since he lost the election to former vice president Joe Biden. He previously reached out to Republicans in Michigan, and on Saturday he pressured Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) in a call to try to replace that state’s electors.


“The president said, ‘I’m hearing about all these issues in Philadelphia, and these issues with your law,’ ” said Cutler spokesman Michael Straub, describing the House speaker’s two conversations with Trump. “ ‘What can we do to fix it?’ ”

Trump lost at the ballot box. The President has lost his legal challenges in court, so he is trying to get state legislatures to illegally overturn an election to keep him in office.

Republicans are not going to overturn any election results in these states because they are also elected officials. If the electoral process is corrupted, it will destroy the validity of their own elections. Attorney Generals in several states have made it clear that any effort by legislatures to appoint their own electors would be illegal and open the door for the coup plotters to be criminally prosecuted.

Trump is personally asking Republicans to break the law for him and create a constitutional crisis.

The Safe Harbor Day deadline arrives at midnight, but until then, Trump will try to do anything and everything to overturn Joe Biden’s win.

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