Trump Threatens The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court Crushed Trump And Denied His Bid To Steal PA With 1 Sentence

Trump his allies didn’t just lose in the Supreme Court. They also couldn’t get a single conservative justice to vote to hear their case.

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The Supreme Court voted 9-0 against hearing Trump’s case to steal Pennsylvania:

Trump had been thinking for days that the Supreme Court was going to run to his rescue, but they declined to hear the case within minutes of it reaching them. It is telling that not a single conservative justice including the three that nominated voted to hear the case.

The Supreme Court showed its unwillingness to get involved in the election when it refused to rule on ballot extension deadline lawsuits brought by Republicans.

Donald Trump thought that he owned the Supreme Court and that they would repay him for the conservative majority by overturning an election and keeping him in power.

Instead, it was the conservative Supreme Court who dealt the final blow to his failed election challenge and brought the Trump presidency to a close.

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