Adam Schiff Nails Silent Republican Co-Conspirators In Trump’s Election Overturn Plot

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that any Republican who is silent while Trump is trying to overturn the election is complicit in Trump’s plot.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Schiff tweeted:

Chairman Schiff is right. None of these attacks will be successful. Trump and his minions aren’t going to get the election overturned. The Electoral College votes on Monday. The show is over. Joe Biden is going to be president.

It should not be forgotten that when Republicans were faced with a choice between a president that voters rejected and protecting the electoral foundation of democracy, too many of them have chosen silence.

Republican silence is complicity. Only a few dozen congressional Republicans have spoken up and admitted the reality that Joe Biden won.

There are too many members of the Republican Party who are willing to say nothing while Donald Trump tries to destroy confidence in US elections. Trump spent four years calling his critics and the free press enemies of the people, but real enemies are Trump and the silent members of his party who stand by and do nothing while liberty is attacked with the goal of destruction.

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