27 House Republicans Beg Trump To Force Barr To Appoint A Special Counsel To Investigate Election Fraud

Despite the fact that there is no election fraud, more than two dozen House Republicans sent a letter to Trump begging him to force Barr to appoint a special counsel.

The letter states:

Following widespread support from my House Republican colleagues, I am again requesting that you direct Attorney General Barr to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate irregularities in the 2020 election.

The American people deserve a definitive resolution to the uncertainty hovering over the outcome of our election, but legitimate questions of voter fraud remain unanswered.

The Department of Justice has been asked on multiple occasions to launch an investigation into this matter, but inaction from the Department along with public comments made by the Attorney General indicate a lack of willingness to investigate the irregularities your campaign and other elected officials across the nation have alleged. The appointment of a Special Counsel would establish a team of investigators whose sole responsibility is to uncover the truth and provide the certainty America needs.

We urge you to take swift and decisive action and direct Attorney General Barr to appoint a Special Counsel to restore the American people’s faith in our elections.

The Department of Justice and the FBI have already investigated election fraud allegations and found nothing. Attorney General Barr said that there is no election fraud. Just because Republicans don’t like the results of the election, does not mean that the results are unknown.

There was no fraud. Donald Trump lost. Requests like this are why it is important for Barr to stay in his post for the next forty or so days because if Barr departs, recent history tells us that Trump will appoint a replacement who will investigate his bogus election fraud conspiracy theories.

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