Texas AG Who is Trying to Overturn Election Hit With FBI Subpoena Over Ongoing Investigation

With Sidney Powell fired for being insane and Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis suffering from COVID, Donald Trump was running out of lawyers. In stepped Ken Paxton the Attorney General of Texas.  Paxton is attempting to get the Supreme Court to overturn election results in four states won by Joe Biden.

The reasoning behind Paxton’s motives remain unanswered. But Ben Sasse, the anti-Trump GOP senator from Nebraska felt that the Texas AG might be looking for a pardon from his ongoing legal issues.

And those legal issues reportedly reared their heads on Thursday. Tony Plohetski from the Austin American Statesman is reporting that Paxton has been hit with an FBI subpoena.

In October of this year, 7 aides inside Paxton’s office accused him of a number of crimes including bribery and improper influences. It is likely that the subpoena may be based on those claims.

Plohetski tweeted, “FBI agents delivered at least one federal subpoena to the Texas Attorney General’s office Wednesday for information in an ongoing investigation involving AG Ken Paxton, three sources confirm, indicating the seriousness with which they are taking allegations against Paxton.”

The Austin American-Statesman scribe continued, “It is not clear what records FBI agents sought. Their visit came on a week when Paxton has been in the national spotlight for his lawsuit concerning election results in four battleground states. He also met with President Trump today.”

This is a still developing story with more to come.