WATCH: Sidney Powell Tells Lou Dobbs The 2020 Election Was Like a Cyber Pearl Harbor

During one of the “elite strike force” press conferences, Sidney Powell accused everyone from Republican lawmakers to Hugo Chavez (who’s been dead for 7 years) with conspiring against Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

This was a bridge too far for the Trump campaign who soon fired Powell. For Lou Dobbs, though, nothing seems to go to far. Since her firing, the Fox host has hosted the former Trump lawyer a number of times. During her Thursday appearance, Powell likened the 2020 election to a ‘cyber Pearl Harbor.”

Dobbs asked, “Well, what is the evidence that you have compiled? How have you constructed the architecture of this relationship among these four individuals?

Powell responded:

“Well, we are still reviewing the massive amount of documents that we have, but we have communications between them and all different kinds of messages that indicate their involvement in it. It’s a massive amount of additional information to go through that’s only been in our hands a short time, but we will be producing more and more of it. It will be coming out more by the day. And then also the connections with the Chinese–“

Dobbs jumped in, “I want…” Powell continued, “And — and other countries that were attacking us in this massive cyber Pearl Harbor, as we called it.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News and Media Matters:

Todd Neikirk

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