Trump Refuses To Come Out Of His Bedroom And Attend White House Christmas Party After SCOTUS Defeat

Guests at the White House Christmas party were informed that Trump would not be joining them or making remarks after losing in the Supreme Court.

Maggie Haberman tweeted:

In other words, Trump is pouting in his bedroom and refusing to come out after the Supreme Court refused to overturn the presidential election for him. Trump has pulled this stunt before. He also refused to come downstairs and greet newly elected House Republicans when they were brought by the White House to meet him.

Trump would rather stay in his bedroom likely on the phone while watching Fox News. One can only imagine Trump furiously working his cell phone plotting with his friends what his next move might be before the Electoral College certifies Biden’s victory on Monday.

It is well documented that the Trumps are not big supporters of Christmas:

Donald Trump really thought that the Supreme Court would save him. Instead, they have set the stage for him to be prosecuted for his financial crimes.

No wonder Trump is sulking. He is probably in bed sucking down Diet Cokes and worrying about his potential felony conviction.

Trump is sulking and refusing to celebrate Christmas.

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