MyPillow Guy Interrupts National Anthem On Live TV To Say God Wants 4 More Years Of Trump

MyPillow guy Mike Lindell spoke over the national anthem on Saturday during a pro-Trump march in D.C. to say that Friday’s Supreme Court decision was all part of God’s larger plan to give Donald Trump four more years in the White House.

“This is an anomaly,” Lindell said of the SCOTUS decision. “We’re going to look back and say this all had to happen in the way God’s intended it to.”

In the middle of the interview, Trump’s helicopter could be seen flying over the D.C. crowd, which sent the MyPillow founder even further into a cult-style frenzy.

“There’s our president for four more years,” Lindell said as he looked up at Marine One flying overhead. “There he is, right there.”


Lindell said:

My final message is everybody keep the faith, because we are in the greatest revival in history. And this is an anomaly and when we get through it, we’re going to look back and say this all had to happen in the way God’s intended it to. And it’ll all be okay. I just want everybody in the country to have faith that God’s got his hand in all this and it’ll all be a blessing when it’s all over. And there’s our president. … There’s our president for four more years. There he is, right there. God bless America. We are one nation under God.

MAGA world is stuck in denial

On Saturday in Washington D.C., a group of Donald Trump supporters gathered to show the world just how detached from reality they are.

Denial is part of the grieving process, to be sure, but it doesn’t look like the MAGA crowd, including folks like Mike Lindell, will ever come close to the acceptance stage.

The good news is that on Jan. 20, 2021 – as Joe Biden puts his hand on the Bible and officially becomes president – it’ll be impossible for the MAGA cult to claim that Donald Trump is God’s chosen one.

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