Steve Schmidt Says The Trump-Stained GOP Must Never Win A Presidential Election Again


Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt said on Saturday that the fight to save American democracy has only just begun with Donald Trump’s defeat in last month’s presidential contest.

According to Schmidt, the fact that so many Republicans have stood alongside Trump as he tried to overturn the will of the people is a sign that the country is “one election away from losing the American experiment.”

“126 GOP members of Congress have turned their backs on the idea that the people elect the President,” Schmidt said in a pair of tweets.


“We simply cannot lose a Presidential election because if we do it will be the last one,” he warned.

The GOP in its current form should never win another presidential election

Donald Trump’s decisive defeat in November’s presidential election was a good start in healing America, but it is just that: a start.

Trump will be leaving behind a Republican Party that is utterly broken and dangerous. As MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said this week, the GOP has become nothing more than an organized crime family whose sole purpose is protecting Trump and preserving power.

Unless the Republican Party is completely dismantled, repaired and rebuilt, it has no business winning another presidential election.

As Steve Schmidt said, America won’t survive another Trump-stained presidency.

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