Trump Has Full-Blown Meltdown And Hints That He’ll Fire Bill Barr And ‘Declassify Everything’

Donald Trump was in usual, unhinged form on Saturday morning, quickly taking to Twitter to unload after the Supreme Court handed him his latest, humiliating legal defeat on Friday.

Trump took aim at William Barr, in particular, retweeting a post that said the attorney general should be fired by the end of the day.

Trump called Barr – one of his biggest allies since taking over as attorney general – “a big disappointment!”

In another tweet, Trump all but promised to “declassify everything,” the clearest sign yet that the outgoing president has no problem burning the country down before leaving office in January.

“I have been doing this,” Trump said, responding to a suggestion that he reveal sensitive American secrets, all for political purposes. “I agree!”

A pathetic end to the worst presidency in American history

Though the Supreme Court has effectively ended any GOP hopes of overturning the will of the American people and installing Donald Trump for another four years, the outgoing president’s behavior will only become more unhinged and juvenile.

He won’t stop whining like a grade schooler on a little league team who just struck out. He’ll continue to call the game rigged just because he lost.

In these closing days, the list of people Trump considers enemies – which has now expanded to include Bill Barr, as well as GOP governors Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey – will continue to grow as more Republicans acknowledge the reality that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.

It’s pretty pathetic to see an American president – a title once held by giants like Abraham Lincoln and FDR –  hide in the White House throwing endless tantrums on social media, but it’s a pretty fitting end to this failed presidency.

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