Trump Is Already Blaming Brian Kemp For Potential Georgia Senate Runoff Losses


The runoff elections haven’t been held yet, but Donald Trump is already blaming Georgia Gov. Kemp for Republican defeats.


Trump said, “We won Georgia by a lot. We have a Republican governor whose worse with than — who’s worse than a Democrat, he’s terrible. And he’s hurting Kelly and David very badly, the senators that are terrific people. In Wisconsin, we have a case going on as we speak.”


Donald Trump is planning on blaming Brian Kemp if Republicans lose both of the Georgia Senate runoff elections and control of the Senate.

Kemp and other Republican leaders in the state have been trying to bring their party together to vote for the Republican incumbents in the runoff elections. It is Trump who has divided Republicans and incited a civil war in the state.

If Republicans lose the Senate runoff elections, it won’t be Brian Kemp’s fault. The blame will be on Sens. Loeffler and Perdue and Donald Trump because Trump has gone out of his way to discourage Republican voters from voting.

If the GOP loses control of the Senate, those defeats will belong to Trump.

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