Trump To Give Coronavirus Vaccine First To People Who Work Close To Him

Top White House staff who work close to Donald Trump will be some of the first people to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

The New York Times reported:

White House staff members who work in close quarters with President Trump have been told they are scheduled to receive injections of the coronavirus vaccine soon, at a time when the first doses of the vaccine are being distributed only to high-risk health care workers, according to two sources familiar with the distribution plans.


It is not clear how many doses are being allocated to the White House or how many are needed. While many Trump officials said they were eager to receive the vaccine and would take it if it were offered, others said they were concerned it would send the wrong message by making it look like Trump staff members were hopping the line in order to protect a president who already had the virus and has bragged that he is now “immune.”

There are five weeks left in the Trump administration and a group of people who have consistently ignored health guidelines and caused multiple super spreader events does not deserve to be rewarded for their negligence and recklessness by skipping to the front of the line for vaccinations. The coronavirus vaccine is supposed to go to at-risk healthcare workers first. Many states are getting less than 1% of the number of doses that they need.

Vaccine scarcity for essential workers who risk their lives daily is a growing problem, but Trump is so worried about getting COVID again that he is vaccinating the people who work close to him first. So much for herd immunity.

Even through the bitter end, Donald Trump is placing himself ahead of the needs of the American people.

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