Fake Republican Electors In Georgia Cast Votes For Trump And Declare The Election Ongoing

In Georgia, Republicans held their own meeting and used their own slate of fake electors who voted for Trump and declared the election ongoing.

The real electors voted for Joe Biden:

Meanwhile, in another part of the Georgia State Capitol:

The people who voted in the Republican vote are not the real slate of electors. Their votes mean nothing. It is an act of political theater meant to play to Trump and his supporters and keep the phony notion alive that the election was not legitimate.

The nation is witnessing the birth of the Trumpfederacy. A group of Trump loyalists who are so lawless and detached from reality that they are holding their own electoral college votes and proclaiming that an election that has long since been decided is ongoing.

The Republican behavior since the election represents the greatest domestic threat to the country since the Civil War, and their behavior is growing more seditious each day.

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