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Ari Melber Shatters MAGA Hopes Of Pressuring Congress To Overturn The Election For Trump

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With the Electoral College officially formalizing Joe Biden’s victory this week, the dregs of MAGA world seem to be pinning their hopes on a far-fetched scheme to get Congress to overturn election.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber shattered those hopes on Tuesday and told them that this effort will share the same fate as Trump’s court challenges: It will go nowhere.


“This last-ditch effort is not going anywhere,” Melber said. “Just as we told you about the Supreme Court ending those other challenges, this particular dramatic challenge has a very clear precedent for going nowhere.”


Melber said:

We don’t know what will happen when Mike Pence does the honors this cycle, but I can tell you something that is clear. It’s the following. This last ditch effort is not going anywhere. Each representative would need a senator to co-sponsor the first step, which is just the objection to the results. But even if that were to happen, to get anywhere you’d have to have majorities – bipartisan majorities – agree in both houses of Congress. Now, that’s just not going to happen which means everything you see leading up to this is a prelude to drama not changing the results. Now, 150 years ago we can note, during reconstruction was the last time any bid like this came close but the two leaders controlling Congress today, Pelosi and McConnell have publicly acknowledged Trump lost and there’s no signs they’re going to create common cause to turnover the will of the voters. So if you find yourself discussing this over the holidays with anyone, you can be confident that just as we told you about the Supreme Court ending those other challenges, this particular dramatic challenge has a very clear precedent for going nowhere.

Trump is losing over and over again

Over the last few weeks, countless recounts and legal challenges failed to give Donald Trump the victory that voters denied him. Over and over again, he lost the election.


Given how afraid he is of being seen as a loser in the eyes of history, it’s surprising that Trump would pursue a path that repeatedly confirms his historic and humiliating loss – again and again.

Because of his desperate efforts to overturn an election he didn’t win, Donald Trump will be remembered as an even bigger loser than if he had just conceded gracefully over a month ago.

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