WATCH: Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Says There’s a Significant Chance Donald Trump is Inaugurated

Over the last year, Donald Trump has been moving away from Fox News. Sure, he has maintained relationships with people like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Maria Bartiromo, but overall, he is unhappy with his former favorite network.

More and more, Trump has been encouraging his supporters to turn off Fox and turn on channels like OAN and Newsmax. It’s not a surprise either, as the personalities on those networks are much more willing to tell Trump and his supporters exactly what they want to hear.

Yesterday was a bad day for Trump. The Electoral College gave Joe Biden yet another win with 306 votes. A number of GOP senators, Mitch McConnell among them, have now sad that Biden has won the election.

Newsmax’s Greg Kelly, though, says the race is far from over. Kelly told viewers, “Hey, remember Joe Biden’s speech yesterday when purportedly, he clinched the Electoral College? He didn’t do too much talking. He did more coughing, it seemed like.”

The broadcaster continued, “A small sample of the coughs, and I’m concerned because the way it’s looking for Joe, his health, I don’t think he’s gonna make it for Donald Trump’s second inauguration.”

Kelly closed his rant:

Yes, on January 20th, I do believe that there is a significant chance that Donald Trump could be inaugurated. Now, I do know that there are smart, informed people who are saying that Joe Biden is the president-elect. Now, I disagree with them, and it’s not just a hunch that I’m going on, it’s the Constitution.”