A New Fox Poll Shows That Trump Voters Are Less Likely to Vote in Future Elections

The Republicans have been walking quite a tightrope since the 2020 election. Donald Trump’s loss, of course, was due to cheating. There was no irregularity, though, in places where Republicans won their races.

But how can the GOP push the conspiracy theory that Trump was cheated in 2020 and expect their constituents to continue voting. According to a new poll from Fox News, they may not be able to.

Respondents were asked whether the events of the 2020 election made them more likely or less likely to vote. Democrats, clearly, were excited about what went down in 2020.

When asked that question, 84% of Liberals said they would be more likely to vote in future elections. Only 69% of Republicans, though, said they were more likely to vote in future elections.

And when the numbers were focused specifically on Trump supporters, the numbers were even worse. A total of 19%, or around 1 in 5 Trump supporters, said they were less likely to vote in future presidential elections.

Of course, the question was focused only on presidential elections. But Americans are more likely to vote in presidential elections than they are in mid-term races.

And one of the big advantages for Donald Trump was that he was able to turn out non-voters in ways previously unheard of.

The question of whether or not the 2020 election will depress Republican turnout is soon to be answered. Polls are showing a tight race in the Georgia senate runoffs. Even if only a small percentage of GOP voters fail to show up, that could flip the race in Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock’s favor.