Biden Makes History For The 9th Time By Nominating Pete Buttigieg For Transportation Secretary

President-Elect Joe Biden is shattering barriers as he made his ninth historic cabinet nomination by picking Pete Buttigieg for Secretary of Transportation.



President-Elect Biden said:


But compared to its predecessors, the Biden-Harris Cabinet is first among Cabinets for all of the firsts it represents.

The first ever woman, the first Black woman, and woman of South Asian descent, as Vice President.


The first ever Black Secretary of Defense.


The first ever Latino head of DHS and the first ever Latino head of HHS.

The first woman and South Asian American to lead OMB.

The first woman and Asian American to lead USTR.

The first Black woman to chair the President’s Council of Economic Advisors.

And the first ever woman to hold Alexander Hamilton’s position as Treasury Secretary.

Our Cabinet does not just have one first or just two of these firsts, but eight precedent-busting appointments.

And today, a ninth: the first ever openly gay nominee to lead a Cabinet department, and one of the youngest Cabinet members ever.

The Biden-Harris Cabinet will be a historic Cabinet.

A Cabinet that looks like America.

A Cabinet that taps into the best of America.

A Cabinet that is opening doors and breaking down barriers and accessing the full range of talent we have in this nation.

A Cabinet that is up to the immediate crisis we’re in, and the long-term challenges this nation faces in the future.

It’s a Cabinet that’s battle-tested.

Qualified. Experienced. Creative. Innovative. Forward-looking.

And yes — representative.

Cabinets are reflections of who presidents are and what they prioritize. Trump prioritized money, loyalty to him, lawlessness, and appearances. Trump wanted people who looked like him and only cared about him.

Joe Biden is building a cabinet that looks like America. Biden’s cabinet is full of experienced experts who value public service and see themselves as working for the country first.

President-Elect is using his power to break barriers and the government back to the American people.

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