4 Counties Sued For Trying To Rig Georgia Senate Runoffs By Not Providing Early Voting

Lawsuits were filed by the New Georgia Project against Bibb, Clarke, Houston, and Paulding Counties for illegally not offering early voting.

The lawsuits were filed by Marc E. Elias on behalf of the New Georgia Project against the four counties because each of them has no intention of offering early voting on the legally required days.
Joe Biden won Bibb and Clarke counties, and Trump won Houston and Paulding counties.

“Every day of advance voting provided under Georgia law matters and helps ensure voters are not disenfranchised because of inadequate access to the polls. We will fight for the right of every eligible Georgian to cast a ballot early, and we will hold counties accountable for violating the law,’ said Nsé Ufot, CEO of the New Georgia Project in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA. “The record turnout we are witnessing should be applauded, not undermined. We will not idly sit by while Georgia voters are punished for their robust, enthusiastic, historic participation in our elections.”

The lawsuits request a temporary restraining order requiring the counties to:

1). Allow advance voting on Saturday, December 19, 2020, Thursday, December 31, and Monday, January 4, 2021,

2). Prohibit the counties from closing the polls on any of the above dates, and

3). Direct Defendants to permit any eligible voters to cast their ballots on those dates.

The Georgia Senate runoff elections are going to be very close. Denying early voting in these four counties would disproportionately impact Democratic voters.

Republicans are going to everything imaginable to suppress the vote and lower election turnout because when people are allowed to vote in large numbers, Republicans lose. The GOP isn’t hiding it. They are worried about too many Democrats voting in the runoff elections.
The fight for voting rights continues, and lawsuits such as the four above may help determine who controls the US Senate.

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