Constitutional Lawyers Urge Firms Not To Hire Trump Attorneys Due To Abuses Of People


Free Speech For People, a nonpartisan group of Constitutional lawyers, released a statement calling on top law firms not to hire Trump administration lawyers who participated in abuses of power.

Free Speech For People wrote in part:

As fellow members of the legal bar, we collectively bear great responsibility for the enduring integrity of our profession and the principles that undergird our system of democratic governance. The rule of law is built upon democratic norms and legal ethics. These principles do not exist in the abstract, but are reinforced through the conduct and deliberate self-policing of each member of our legal community. We urge you now to exercise great caution before welcoming former Trump administration appointees and officers into your ranks. With rare exception, these attorneys have discredited and disqualified themselves from positions at honorable, diverse, and forward-looking law firms.


We are often called upon to represent and defend unfavorable persons and interests from affirmative attack. But while this aspect of the lawyer’s role may include defending ex-Trump officials from criminal investigations, it surely does not extend to hiring them. It may be years before the full depths of the administration’s corruption, abuses of power, and illegal activity become publicly known.


In the meantime, any politically-appointed attorneys who served the Trump administration, whether in a counsel position or otherwise, should be scrutinized with great care, even if their names or agencies have not yet been linked to scandal or corruption during their time in office. Your firms have spent many decades diligently establishing reputations for professionalism, probity, and pragmatism, as you provide your clients honest counsel and zealous but honorable advocacy. Associating yourselves and your firms with ex-Trump lawyers would dishonor your partners, your employees, and your firm’s good name.

Lawyers in the Trump administration worked on child separation policies. They obstructed justice for Trump, cracked down on peaceful protesters, and enabled Trump’s attacks on democracy and the Postal Service.

These individuals shouldn’t be rewarded for crimes against their profession with high profile and well-paying jobs at big law firms.

They should be held accountable for their actions, and be viewed as a liability not an asset to any future employer.