Trump Claims “Thousands of Noncitizens” Voted in Nevada. That is False.

Earlier this morning, President Donald Trump claimed that “Just released data shows many thousands of noncitizens voted in Nevada,” though he did not provide any evidence to support his claim.

They are totally ineligible to vote!” the president wrote.

Although both Republicans and the president have sought to cast doubt on the election in Nevada, a key swing state that went for President-elect Joe Biden, a quick fact check shows this claim is undoubtedly false.

“Republican lawyers identified more than 3,000 people who they say were no longer living in Clark County by the time they cast their ballots,” Politifact reported on November 6. “People don’t have to live in Clark County in order to vote there. People who move 30 days before an election can cast a vote in their new state or their old state. A Nevadan who goes to another state for college can also request a ballot.”

The list produced by Republicans includes addresses for Americans serving overseas in the military,” the outlet observed.

The president’s tweet was flagged under Twitter’s civic integrity policy, which forbids individuals from spreading disinformation about the election on its platform.D