Army Rejects Mike Flynn’s Call For Trump To Declare Martial Law And Overturn The Election

After Mike Flynn called for Trump to declare martial law and overturn the election, Army leadership flatly rejected the idea.

The Army response to Flynn’s fascist idea was to reject it:

The military has made it very clear that they will not be participating in any last-ditch attempts by Trump to destroy democracy to stay in power.

Flynn’s idea that Trump should overturn the election shows that Trump and his associates have always been anti-democratic. They don’t respect democracy or view it as their role to uphold and promote democratic institutions in the United States.

There is not going to be any declaration of martial law. Trump isn’t going to overturn the election. Trump is not going to get help from the military to stay in power.

The soon to be former president was the face of the fascist threat, but he has converted the Republican Party into an anti-democratic movement for autocracy.

Donald Trump lost, but the authoritarian impulse behind Trumpism still must be defeated for democracy in the United States to be saved.

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