Trump Loses It And Falsely Claims That China Hacked Voting Machines

Trump showed that he remains in the back pocket of Putin by falsely blaming China for the Russian hack of the US.

Trump tweeted:

Remember the good old days of roughly six weeks ago when Trump spent months ranting that mail-in voting was going to rig the election?

It turns out that the threat, according to Trump, wasn’t mail-in voting, but voting machines.

The Chinese didn’t hack critical US systems and stay there for months. The Russians did, and the Chinese didn’t hack the voting machines. Audit after audit has shown that the voting machines functioned correctly.

Trump’s tweets are an example of his delusional his thinking has grown. Trump refuses to admit that he lost the election. He has embraced fringe conspiracy theories and has even thought about not leaving the White House on January 20, 2021.
Donald Trump is proving Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) correct. He and his administration are completely compromised. Trump is making excuses for Putin, as Russia engages in virtual acts of war against the United States.

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