FEC To Be Sued If They Don’t Act On Trump And Kushner Illegally Taking $617 Million In Campaign Funds

The Campaign Legal Center is threatening to sue the FEC if they do not take action on Trump and Kushner’s $617 million illegal campaign finance scheme.

Adav Noti who is the Senior Director of the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) tweeted:

Here is the CLC complaint:

It is clear that the purpose of the shell company that Trump and Kushner created was to siphon off funds from the presidential campaign and give them to Trump family members and other associates. The shell company was a method of avoiding disclosure laws and engaging in illegal spending.

The media is focused on the idea that Kushner created the shell company, but they are overlooking the fact that everything the Trump/Kushner/Pence family members did was very illegal. The movement of the funds to a shell company was a criminal conspiracy, and it would be shocking if the Biden administration Department of Justice did not also conduct a full investigation, because the activity appears to have gone beyond campaign finance violations.

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