Trump Spends Morning Obsessing Over Space Force Instead Of Responding To Russian Cyber Attack

After Secretary of State Mike Pompeo admitted on Friday that a massive cyber attack against the United States was likely committed by Russia, Donald Trump spent the morning obsessing over Space Force.

In a tweet, Trump bragged that in the future, Space Force would be seen as one of the “great achievements” of his presidency.

“One of the Trump Administration’s great achievements into the future will be the authorization and start up of the SPACE FORCE,” the outgoing president said. “Congratulations to all!”

Trump’s self-congratulatory tweet comes after it was revealed – for real – that members of the Space Force will be called “guardians.

Meanwhile, Trump is ignoring a ‘grave and ongoing’ cyber attack from Russia

As Donald Trump spends his time bragging about Space Force – a military branch that sounds like the masterful idea of a third grade civics class – he is ignoring what The Washington Post is calling a “grave and ongoing” cyber attack from Russia.

As The Post reports, despite Pompeo’s admission that Russia is behind the breach, “President Trump, who has long expressed skepticism that Russia engaged in interference in the 2016 election, has not publicly addressed the issue.”

“The intrusions into federal agencies were first revealed last weekend, and with each day more agencies were discovered to have been breached,” the reported added. “Besides the State Department, the list so far includes the Treasury, Homeland Security, Energy and Commerce Departments, as well the National Institutes of Health.”

In 32 days, America will finally have a president who doesn’t let Vladimir Putin play him like a fiddle, whether it’s denying Russian interference in the 2016 election or staying silent as hackers target critical government agencies.

Until then, the United States will be vulnerable to foreign attacks like this, all because Donald Trump is too weak and afraid to stand up to the country that helped put him in office.

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