Trump Declares War On Mitch McConnell By Courting Tommy Tuberville To Challenge The Election

Mitch McConnell is trying to squash any effort to challenge the election on the Senate floor, but Trump is trying to recruit incoming Senator Tommy Tuberville to defy McConnell.

Trump told Rudy Giuliani on his radio show:

Trump also claimed that he and Giuliani are getting close to finding out the truth about the election:

The truth is Joe Biden won the election by more than 7 million votes. There doesn’t need to be a special counsel or an investigation. The ballots have been counted over and over again in swing states. Trump has had nearly 60 legal challenges to the election tossed out of court.

Trump is obviously trying to burn everything down on his way out of the door.

McConnell has been urging his Republican caucus not to participate in challenging the election on the Senate floor. He has correctly warned his members supporting the election challenge will make them look anti-democratic just ahead of the Senate runoff elections in Georgia. McConnell is also worried about how an election results challenge on the Senate floor will look to voters during the 2022 midterms.

If Tuberville chooses Trump over McConnell, he will be making a big mistake that could cost Senate Republicans for years to come.

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