Mitch McConnell And Senate GOP Called Traitors After Getting Vaccinated While Blocking COVID Relief

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have been labeled hypocrites and traitors as they blocked COVID relief while cutting line for the vaccine.

The outrage toward Senate Republicans has been building for days.

Mary Trump called McConnell a traitor:

Joni Ernst got called out for claiming that doctors were lying about COVID cases and then jumping to the head of the line for the vaccine:

CNN‘s Jim Acosta pointed to the grotesque picture of Republicans who enabled Trump getting vaccinated before Americans get COVID relief:

Trump started the Republican rush for the vaccine that they all claimed wasn’t needed that badly by getting the people who work closest to him vaccinated first.
As Senate Republicans toss crumbs to a nation that has been fatigued and battered by a pandemic that they refused to do anything about for seven months, the images of people who have caused so many Americans to needlessly suffer and die rushing to be vaccinated are not playing well with the American people.

Republicans betrayed the country when they refused to stand up to Trump’s pandemic lies while not doing a thing to provide pandemic aid.

They should not be rewarded for their behavior. Senate Republicans belong at the back of the vaccination line as punishment for the callous indifference to American sickness and suffering.

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